Denton County Probation Department

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My grandson's dad is a deabeat(shhhh plus other choice words I have for him) and he is on probation in Denton County TX.When he wouldnt pay his child support (1 $50.00 pmt in 6 years) I ask the the probation officer to enforce the COURT ORDERED child support.

SHe said she couldn't. I pointed out that in his probation papers it clearly states that he must comply with ALL court orders.

Texas Law is very clear on the subject, but she refused to enforce it.Just the same I make sure they both have what they need and I'm ok if he just stays TF out of their lives since he is so worthless.

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The legal custodial guardian of the child can file a "rule to show cause" case with the court house where the support was ordered.It will make the Father show reasonable cause for not paying or he may go to jail.

The paperwork can be found in the Circuit Clerks office.If no support order has ever been established, you'll have to do that first.

Le Sigh

Um, she wants the $ because HE OWES IT TO HIS CHILD, ***. The OP is talking about her GRANDSON, so the deadbeat dad is not her ex. Read much?


Then why do you want money from him you ***?? People like you and your ex shouldn't be allowed to breed.

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